Teach-in and Strategy Session
Beyond War: A New Economy is Possible

Tabernacle Church
8 May 2010

Elizabeth Leonard

Elizabeth Leonard started off by introducing the teach-in and explaining what the purpose of it was, to help each other understand what the current world situation was all about and to  try and come up with solutions for it.


Our participants were enthusiastic and engaged throughout. Bob Smith, in the red ballcap was our first speaker and he gave us a good general overview.


We had Jimmy Tobias, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, give us a view on drones and how they were being used in Afghanistan. Your narrator, Rich Gardner (Sorry, I neglected to have anyone take my picture) filled in the audience about the oil-rich areas of the world.

Tom Mullinen

Tom Mullian, troubador of the peace movement, gave us a few rousing chords of inspiration.


There's the "Jobs Not War" banner that Bob Smith of the Brandywine Peace Community provided for us.

audience member makes a point

Audience member makes a point. The audience member with the hat on is Kenneth Heard and the woman in purple is Phyllis Gilbert. Both were instrumental in getting the teach-in organized.


Marjorie Van Cleefe told us about how much money was being poured into the wars and how much could have been used at home. She used the website National Priorities as her main reference.

Larry Petkov

Larry Petkov is a member of PRAWN and spoke of good media sources. He was very enthusiastic about Rachel Maddow, Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! and Laura Flanders of GRITtv.

Bob Moore

We had a DVD about Afghanistan, but couldn't make the sound work, so Rev. Robert Moore John Braxton narrated for us.